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Giving clothes & food to Pauls Mom.
After praying over property
Maasia family, boy in tie has SN.


  • We are training carers, educating parents,  distribute developmental and medical equipment.

  • Micro business create opportunities for parents to meet their family's needs. 

  • We are creating a team of trained individuals to assess and assist parents and carers to best meet their child’s developmental needs. 

  • We network and educate churches on how to best serve and incorporated these families into the family of God.

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No support. No childcare. No way to safely provide for the family.

Many parents have to leave  their additional needs child home alone for many hours each day so that they can go to work.


By providing them with a Micro business parents can work from home. This not only allows them to stay with their child, but also provides them with an income necessary for them to meet their child’s needs. 

Often, parents have ideas of how to generate income. We come alongside them and determine the feasibility and the support they will need. This is their dream, through donations we are able to make it a reality.

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Veggie Business

Pig Businesses

Chicken Businesses

Milk Cow Businesses



John's Story

Alice's Story

Marion, director of ELI Project

Director, Marion

Alice's Story

Alice 4.jpg

Alice is 19 years old. She has severe cerebral palsy. She lives with her mother, Waithera, who has moderate learning difficulties, a brother Sammy (3.5yrs), and her two cousins.

Alice's 70 year old Grandma is the main carer and bread-winner for the whole family. 

There is almost no government assistance for families like Alice's. They must fend for themselves and do the best they can.


Alice's home is on government land. To the locals it's called Shauri Yako – translated means "no one cares". In March 2019 the government decided to take the land to expand a road, and they were made homeless. ELI Centre raised funds to build a new home for Alice and her family. They have also started a milking cow micro business that enables the Grandmother to work from home, provide for the family while still tending to their needs. In Christmas 2019 the family were safe in their new home with a kitchen, toilet, bathroom and cowshed. 


The family drink water from a really dirty river, which remains a health concern. The next project is to have electricity installed so that a well can be drilled to provide clean water.

Waithera struggles to keep up with her growing family. Alice's little brother often runs off and has been found by busy roads. ELI Centre has helped get him enrolled in a playgroup which he really enjoys and he has settled in well (image left).

Alice 5.jpg
Alice's Story

John's Story

John has severe cerebral palsy. He lives with his parents and younger sister Mary. His two older brothers died in tragically in 2015 and 2017. When ELI Centre first came in contact with the family there was still tremendous grief. We shared with the family the hope and love found in Jesus Christ and John's Mother, Martha, opened her heart to God. In spite of health and financial challenges they have pulled through. Martha is now healed and looking after her home well.


September 2019, ELI Centre raised funds to give the family a milking cow micro business, which calved in December. In September 2020, two piglets were added along with the construction of the piggery which was donated by some generous people. The sows should be ready to be served in February 2021.

We enrolled Mary (image right) in a new school in January 2021 and teachers report she is doing very well and is showing strong leadership skills including teaching the other children in class and also helping the teachers to tidy up.

John's Story
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